Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

"Grebeg Singhasari" literally taken from the Old Javanese term "Grebeg" or "gerebeg" which has a clatter of many feet meaning the thunderous (Zoetmulder, 1995:309). In this context, the meaning of the word "Grebeg" refers to the meaning of the kerahan to attend an event. Grebeg Singhasari term used to animate a warning and celebration of 'Day Birthday (anniversary) of Malang Regency.
Deliberately used the name "Singhasari", not the name of "Singosari", Singhasari is arkhais name, which since the year 1254 AD is used to name the capital of the kingdom Tumapel, and then popular to name this kingdom. Singhasari is "icon (icon)" for Malang Raya, which is not only well-known in the archipelago, but also popular in the international realm. In the past this name is used as a great empire, which appears as an autonomous kingdom (1222 - 1292 AD), and then became a vassal kingdom of Majapahit (1293-1527 AD). As well as the royal and cultural center, Singhasari a center of civilization in his time, became a symbol of pride in the glory of the past for citizens of the area of Malang to the present and future, and it is also true identity. Therefore sufficient reason for naming the cultural perhelatan Malang Regency.
Therefore, "Grebeg Singhasari" specifically designed to preserve indigenous cultural arts district treasury assets and increase tourism in the context of the world stretching tourism was slow lately. In addition, this Singhasari Grebeg event also functioned by the community, employers and governments to event information and promotion of tourism industry.

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